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One World Vegetarian Cuisine Inside

One World Vegetarian Cuisine

There’s more for you to enjoy at One World Vegetarian Cuisine than just hearty vegetables. Our commitment and passion to redefining gourmet vegan cuisine begins with our unique animal-free creations and healthy, innovative dishes. Take it from meat lovers who are constantly amazed at how our unique, animal-free creations are so tasty. The truth is, all our dishes are pure vegan, prepared without meat, seafood, eggs, dairy or MSG. We cook with fresh produce in filtered water and choose organic whenever possible. We use the natural flavors and sweetness of fresh vegetables for our soups and a wide variety of exotic herbs and spices for our culinary creations to make them pleasing to all palates.

One World Vegetarian Cuisine selection of vegan international fare ranges from America, Hispanic, to Euro-Asian food. You’ll find dining at our restaurant a relaxing treat with our elegant bamboo decor complemented with fine music, refreshing water fountain, and beautiful plants. Come and enjoy our food as much as we enjoy serving you, because except for the meat, everything else is genuine.

We know that there is always something new to learn though so we have created this blog to share photos, our specials and interesting news about veg, animals and the planet. We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.

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