Vegetarian/Vegan Celebrities

Did you know…?
All these public figures are vegetarian (no meat, fish, chicken or eggs) or vegan and advocate the greenest of all solutions to global warming:
Actors Alicia Silverstone, Tobey Maguire and Barbie Hsu
NBA basketball champion John Salley (Check out his line of vegan food)
Television show host Ellen Degeneres
Nobel Peace Prize laureate & chair of the UN IPCC Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
US Congressman Dennis Kucinich
CNN journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell
Singers Shania Twain, Jason Mraz and Moby
Attorney and CNN legal analyst Lisa Bloom
Author Jonathan Safran Foer
Supermodels Petra Nemcova and Lauren Bush

…to name just a few.

So be veg and be a hero!


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