We Heart Hayley <3

You may know Hayley Marie Norman as a model on the show “Deal or No Deal” with her awesome trademark hair or from the movie “Hancock” with Will Smith, but did you know she’s a committed vegan and big animal lover? Yep, no wonder she is radiant with inner and outer beauty. She’s only 22, yet she’s already making such a big influence on others in introducing them to the meat-free diet.

Here is Hayley on CSI!

She’s so passionate about animals and so eloquent about spreading the veg message. Hayley is also a contributor for This Dish is Veg and here’s an interview with her. Watch this video to hear Hayley talk about why she’s a vegan 🙂

One of her fav restaurants is One Veg World, so of course, she’s super cool 😉

Hayley & her vegan boyfriend enjoy vegan yummies like Vietnamese Pho and Zesty Serendipity at One Veg World.

The animals love you and we love you, Hayley! xoxo

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