“Dallas” TV Star J.R. Goes Vegan!

English: Larry Hagman attending the "Nigh...

Image via Wikipedia

J.R. Ewing, the wealthy Texas oil baron in hit series “Dallas,” is one of TV’s most popular characters. But unlike the villainous character he portrays, veteran actor Larry Hagman is looking and feeling fabulous.  According to the My San Antonio, it’s because he has become vegan, after being diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer several months ago.

“It makes me feel great!” The Texas native, 80 years young, says of his diet of nutrient-packed green smoothies (such as kale, spinach and cucumber).

It was thanks to the advice of his beautiful longtime co-star and health-conscious friend, Linda Gray (who plays his wife Sue Ellen), who sent him a chef. Mr. Hagman recalls, “Miss Gray said, ‘Well, you’ve got to be a vegan now. It’ll help you get off those steroids that meats and turkey and chicken and beef have and it’ll cleanse your body.’”

Now meat-free going on four months, we look forward to seeing the distinguished “Dallas” star in ever vibrant vegan health both on and off-screen.


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