Veg for Lent

Fresh vegetables are available everywhere at H...

For millions of people around the world, Lent is a sacred time of prayer, reflection, and fasting, to remember Jesus Christ and develop greater empathy with the Lordโ€™s merciful example. Many choose to demonstrate this by refraining from meat or dairy products during the Lenten period, which lasts forty days up to Easter Sunday. Some, like those of the โ€œVeg4Lentโ€ movement,ย believe it revives an ancient Christian tradition of vegetarianism as a way of showing love, justice and peace for all Godโ€™s creatures.

A New York Times blog, โ€œGoing Vegan for Lent,โ€ says that Lent is โ€œthe perfect time to try new vegan dishesโ€ and presents some hearty, flavorful meat-free recipes.

And hereโ€™s an interesting blog by one thoughtful Texan guy who explains why he โ€œfelt fantasticโ€ ever since giving up meat for Lent a year ago.

Kudos to all the faithful for their commitment to kinder diets this Lenten season. And of course, expanding our neighborly love forย allย the species is a great way to create a sacred occasion any time of the year.


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