NFL Player Deuce Lutui at His Best After Going Vegan

Deuce Lutui, the Seattle Seahawks guard well-liked for his positive spirit, has surprised the professional football world by confirming he’s a bona fide vegan. All 338 pounds of him – his ideal game weight.

Lutui, age 29, had been struggling with health and weight problems. After failing a physical, he decided to go vegan upon a nutritionist’s recommendation.

His agent Ken Harris told ESPN, “He wanted to commit to himself and to his family that he would do everything to take care of himself and take care of them and be the best player he could be.

Soon after, Harris adds, the veteran offensive lineman who’s signed with the Bengals, Cardinals, and just this week the Seattle Seahawks, “started to see real changes he had not seen previously. Before he knew it, he was slim and trim like a ballerina.”

Though obviously more macho-built than a ballet dancer, he’s shed a whopping 58 pounds since 2010. As Lutui himself stated, “This is the best shape I’ve ever been in. I credit that vegan diet.”

He then pulled up his shirt as proof: “I can finally see a six-pack there.”

And what’s even more inspirational is that his loving commitment to his family has been reciprocated 100%.

“My whole family is vegan,” he said of his wife and their four kids. “If you were to go to my house and open up the fridge, you’d see all-vegan, all-natural products. I’m glad I’ve educated myself about what’s going in my mouth. I’ve educated myself, and that’s what’s causing my fitness and how I’ve really taken care of myself physically.”

It’s also done him good mentally, he added, in helping him to be disciplined.

Born in Tonga, Lutui admitted that his new lifestyle is “a little different from the Tonga traditional cuisine. But it’s a lot of education, really, that has kind of opened that insight for me.”

His coach, Pete Caroll, told media, “Deuce Lutui, he is a joy to have out here. He looks good. His weight is down – I mean, way down… He’s a vegan, too, now, so he has really made a big turn, if you can imagine, yes.”

Stated Lutui, “It’s beautiful. And it’s true. I’ve gone vegan.”

Bravo, Deuce! Best wishes to you and awesome your family all the best as you embark on an awesome vegan journey together. May more and more people likewise choose to be informed – and embrace – the many happy benefits of the vegan diet.

By the way, Lutui joins a growing number of NFL players switching to plant-based diets, such as Ricky Williams, Tony Fiammetta, and Tony Gonzalez.

Watch vegan physician Dr. Baxter Montgomery coach former NFL players and other professional athletes to get fit – and in some cases, save their lives. 



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