“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Star Goes Vegan!

We posted before about Ozzy Osbourne, Russell Brand (another “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star), Eliza Dushku turning vegan. Now, since January, the lovely Kristen Bell – who appears in the new whale-lovers’ movie “Big Miracle” – has joined the vegan bandwagon after watching the awesome documentary “Forks Over Knives.”

Kristen Bell at the premiere of Baby Mama in N...

Kristen, who’s avoided meat since age 11, decided to say no to all animal products, along with her dashing fiancé Dax Shepard, after learning about the undeniable links between chronic disease and meat/dairy. The 31-year-old actress told “Women’s Health Magazine” that the health benefits are “compounded by the fact that I love animals and feel better not eating them.”

Kristen has a tremendous affection for one particular animal – the adorable sloth. Watch her exude her love on “Ellen.”

Kristin is a bona-fide foodie who compares herself to “a little Italian grandmother.” “Cooking is my love language,” she said, “where there’s the most amount of giving selflessly.” There’s certainly a lot of love bound to come from her cruelty-free kitchen. As she introduced the flourishing members of her organic veggie garden: “There’s cilantro, sage, baby greens. Carrots, broccoli, kale, potatoes, cauliflower. These are strawberries. Romaine, butter lettuce, thyme… Ooh, the spinach is coming up real nice.” She explained that the organic tomatoes are eaten all the time “like potato chips” owing to their intense sweet-n-juiciness.

Cheers! To your health, Bell and beau, and a wonderful vegan life ahead together! ❤

Why Veg? “Eating Animals” author, Jonathan Safran Foer answers on ELLEN

On Ellen’s show (btw, Ellen is a vegan herself) NY Time best selling author Jonathan Safran Foer answers audience questions on the myths of protein and why it’s important to give up eggs and milk. Jonathan also explains why our Thanksgiving table centerpiece should not be a turkey but of something that truly reflects our gratitude.  His new book Eating Animals explores the unappetizing truth about meat production and consumption and why he is raising his kids vegetarian. The book turned Natalie Portman vegan!