Vegetarian/Vegan Celebrities

Did you know…?
All these public figures are vegetarian (no meat, fish, chicken or eggs) or vegan and advocate the greenest of all solutions to global warming:
Actors Alicia Silverstone, Tobey Maguire and Barbie Hsu
NBA basketball champion John Salley (Check out his line of vegan food)
Television show host Ellen Degeneres
Nobel Peace Prize laureate & chair of the UN IPCC Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
US Congressman Dennis Kucinich
CNN journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell
Singers Shania Twain, Jason Mraz and Moby
Attorney and CNN legal analyst Lisa Bloom
Author Jonathan Safran Foer
Supermodels Petra Nemcova and Lauren Bush

…to name just a few.

So be veg and be a hero!

Why Veg? “Eating Animals” author, Jonathan Safran Foer answers on ELLEN

On Ellen’s show (btw, Ellen is a vegan herself) NY Time best selling author Jonathan Safran Foer answers audience questions on the myths of protein and why it’s important to give up eggs and milk. Jonathan also explains why our Thanksgiving table centerpiece should not be a turkey but of something that truly reflects our gratitude.  His new book Eating Animals explores the unappetizing truth about meat production and consumption and why he is raising his kids vegetarian. The book turned Natalie Portman vegan!