One Veg World catered for this amazing concert recently to celebrate Supreme Master Television‘s 4th anniversary. So many veg talents came out to support the cause like the lovely Lisa Bloom of CNN, NBA champ John Salley, “The Bionic Woman” Lindsay Wagner, actresses Trina Parks and Spice Williams-Crosby and Eric Roberts (The Expendables). Yes, he’s Julia Roberts‘ brother 😉 But the best thing is, he’s an animal-loving VEGAN! Awesome!

There was a huge plasma in the dining area where we were serving so we could enjoy the concert as well. Wow, such wonderful performances!!  Melissa Manchester and Donna Lewis (“I Love You Always Forever” that song!) were there! And Melba Moore! Their voices were so moving and the new songs were beautiful!

Thanks for inviting us, Supreme Master TV and Happy Anniversary to you! Hope everyone enjoyed our vegan cuisine 🙂